GHQG Award Winners

South African Quilters’ Guild - Hall of Fame

The mission of SAQG Quilters’ Hall of Fame is to celebrate quilting as an art form by honouring the lives and accomplishments of those people who have made outstanding contributions to South African quilt-making.

2019 Sue Prins
2020 Margie Garratt
2020 Sheila Walwyn
2021 Diana Vandeyar


South African Quilters’ Guild - Pro Dedicate

The SAQG Pro Dedicate Award is presented every second year to a South African quilter in honour of their outstanding service to quilting in South Africa.

2002 Hazelmay Duncan

2006 Margie Garratt

2015 Sue Prins

GHQG Pro Dedicate

2005 Suzette Ehlers, Margie Garratt

2006 Gill Washkansky, Una Cloete, Pat Mostert

2007 Antionette Greyling, Marié du Toit, Doortjie Gersbach 

2008 Sue Prins, Bev Patterson

2009 Carool Johnson, Annamarie Gillmer, Beatrice Whitehead

2011 Wanda Carmichael

2017 Simmy Schofield, Reneé de Beyer, Jenny Hermans

2020/2021 Bettie van Zyl, Alma Schwalbe


GHQG Service Awards

2011 Festival Committee (Wanda Carmichael, Pat Mostert, Sandra Cruywagen, Jenny Hermans, Sue Prins, Simmy Schofield, Marijke Weitsz, Bev Patterson, Hazelmay Duncan, Una Cloete, Ina Meyer, Nohleen Berkman, Marié du Toit, Rita Loubser, Sheila Walwyn, Helen Sands)

2017 Adrienne Brown, Daphne de Jager, Tracy Bouras

2018 Renee de Beyer

2020/2021 Pat Hofmann, Ruth Seipp, Jenny Hunter, Carol Minshall


Honorary Membership

Suzette Ehlers

Annette Miller

Pat Mostert

Una Cloete

Hennah Pretorius

Sheila Gradidge

Beattie Pretorius

Jenny Morphet

Sally Parker

Barbara Tucker

Jenny Hunter

Olive van Zyl

Helen Granville

Charlotte Keen

Lorna Farrow